Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the conference?
Anyone may apply to attend the conference. If you aren't interested in physics at all, then the conference won't be very interesting to you. If you are not an undergraduate student, but would like to attend, follow the appropriate links on the application site.

I attended last year. Can I come to this year's conference, too?
The content of this year's conference won't exactly the same as last year's, so you can attend again. However, if we receive more applications than we can accomodate, preference may be given to students who haven't attended before.

What will increase my chances of being accepted to the conference?
First, make sure you submit your registration application by the deadline. Second, make sure you put some thought into why you want to attend and what you want to get out of the conference. Make sure you answer all questions on the application fully and honestly.

Will I have the opportunity to present my research?
Yes, there will be an undergraduate research poster session. Details will be available through the registration process.

How is this funded? What does it cost to attend?
Donors provide most of our funding. Anyone can become a sponsor, so visit the Become a Sponsor page for more information. Students who are accepted to attend the conference will have a one-time fee of $25 to offset the costs of the conference. All local expenses (food and lodging) will be covered by the conference, and some travel grants are available if your home department cannot fully support your travel to the conference.

Can I come late? Can I leave early? Can I skip things that I'm not interested in?

Because your travel costs are reimbursable, it is expected that you will attend all of the official events as scheduled. If you have special circumstances, please contact us to discuss them.

What do I need to do before registering?
You need to talk to your department chair or director of undergraduate studies before registering to see if they will fund your travel. You should think about how you would get to Salt Lake City for the weekend: would you fly or drive, and if the latter, can you carpool?

Do I need to book my travel before registering?
No, but you should have an estimate of the cost. Due to the limited nature of our funds, we ask that you find an economical means of transportation.

I am a local student. Do I need to register?
Yes, all attendees must register by the deadline.

What if I have dietary restrictions?
There will be a section for this on the registration form. If you believe your dietary needs are unusual, please contact us and we will work to accomodate you.

What are the hotel accomodations?
Participants will stay at the University Guest House, which is basically a large hotel, where breakfast is included. There will be two students assigned to each room, and rooms have two queen beds. We welcome room-mate requests on the registration form and will do our best to assign room-mates accordingly.

How can I get to and from the airport?
Both the University Guest House and the Salt Lake City International Airport are served by the TRAX light rail system. Tickets are $2.50 each way and can be bought at the airport just inside the doors that lead to the TRAX platform in Terminal 1. The airport os on the Green Line, while the Guest House is on the Red Line, so you will need to transfer at the Courthouse stop. Maps and other resources are available on the Travel page. We recommend taking TRAX from the airport to the University Guest House.

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